Continuous Incremental Adaptions: AKA "Change Management for real"


 We don't really "manage change" all that well, do we?  Truth is, "change" isn't  what we human's do.  Aside from the cataclysmic event, we just don't make radical shifts overnight, no matter how compelling the plan or pretty the graphics.

What we do and do well, is make continuous adaptations to ever-changing conditions.  I didn't make a jump, starting from my kitchen rotary phone of the 70's.  (You may know the type:  goldenrod yellow, the wall-hanging model, with the super long twisty cord).  Leaping overnight, to my super-office assistant, Siri housed in iPhone 6.  

There were numerous cycles of a series of incremental improvements followed by a technological leap, including touchtone, handheld, wireless, car, mobile, cellular, smart phones and who knows what is coming next.  That's how life changes, in small incremental adaptations, that build in momentum culminating in leaps, followed by the start of a new cycle.

Organizations are combinations and structures of humans.  Same instincts as one, just compounded by the multitude of possibilities.  We need to treat them as such.

My question to you Leaders is, Why are you still trying to "drive change"?  

You can, but not like that.   You can't "drive" all of that toward a single purpose.  But you can build the adaptation skill of your units and their people by creating a culture of Continuous Incremental Adaptations.  Striving for agility, not definition,   Nimble, quick, flexible, adaptive teams, adaptive from an approach, a culture, a vision of continual adpatiation and local innovation.