Time and Tide

They don't wait and they will knock you on your bottom if you aren't paying attention

It is said "time and tide wait for no man".  (No mention of ladies of course, but that's a topic for another day when I am more tuned into my inner Hillary.).

When I have heard this in the past, when I was younger, I used to think about the power of the tide, small in the moment but so powerful over time with its relentlessness.  

But as I've gotten older and seen more, I see the tide more like those big sneaker waves.  The kind at the beach that knock you from behind, whirlpooling you in a deluge of sand, shells at other disgusting bits you are glad you can't see.  You hold your breath, clutch your suit so you aren't left completely vulnerable and await the end.  When you have to get up, scramble back to safety carrying a most uncomfortable bag of sand in your private areas.  

Yep.  That's more like my experience.  We can't read and say enough these days about leaders and leadership.  This political season is mind-blowing in irony, pomposity and sheer utter ridiculousness.  Peacocks strutting about in ever increasing ridulous plummage.  I am convinced we have lost our national sanity.  But let's not pollute our minds right now with thoughts of our shameful political side show.

What about those good leaders?  Those men and women, who come authentically along and with good intention insert themselves ready to lead, to be plunged into the relentless current, pulled along unable to resist the tide, let alone lead in a different direction.  What are they to do?  Small rescue steps first.  Not big thrashing about, big moves, big grasps, don't work and hasten the time to think and move purposefully.  Small agile, adaptive steps.  

What is the next step?  Ask yourself this question:  "What is the next indicated thing?"  And then, do that.