Consulting Services 

We believe that the solutions to an organization's issues, often lie within its walls and within reach to solve.  The organization's  focus must be on delivering its mission however, attention must also be paid to the culture of HOW we work with each other. A culture of transparency, trust, active engagement, and continuous feedback can encourage commitment, foster respect, and strengthen connections.

Culture trumps strategy, every time. - Nilofer Merchant


We approach our work on portfolio and project management systems through a four phase process; discover, design, implement and sustain. In discovery we assess weaknesses and promote existing best practices, in Design we eliminate gaps and strengthen processes, in Implementation we continue participatory engagement methods to ensure acceptance in the organization's culture. In the final phase key internal elements are put in place to sustain the PPM System.


Much of an organizations success depends how it manages teams and transitions.  "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration" Thomas Edison. Successful projects, new processes and initiatives, require a structured yet flexible, well governed and managed implementation that is built for sustainability. MCD provides direct project and change management services as well as technical support organizational change. Services include:

  • Management Coaching
  • Project and Change management
  • Team building
  • Role clarity and Decision Making


MCD works with organizations to first assess the effectiveness of their learning and knowledge management practices and then together develop a plan for addressing gaps by strengthening existing knowledge management practices and adding new approaches where needed.  Our approach focuses on the advantages of collaborative learning and knowledge management to improve organizational effectiveness and enhance the work culture.

Systems configuration and Integration

Technology is a growing component of all the work that we do.  Cloud systems and business analytics has created an unprecedented opportunity to communicate, collaborate and understand better what we do.  Organizations are often supported by a multitude of systems that function for independent purposes.  MCD works with teams of developers, regardless of platform, to integrate and share information across system to get the right data to the right people at the right time.

Data Visualization

Compiling data is getting easier and quicker.  In fact, most organization no longer struggle with data collection but rather have difficulty making sense of it all.  Data visualization offers an opportunity to gain insights into your own data and organziation by detecting trends, patterns, and relationship that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.  Make your data understandable and actionable through visualization.  MCD uses a multitude of different tools to help you find what best works for you.  Here is an example of our work using