MCD Project Management Success Triangle©

Our research shows that the mature PM organizations excel in three main areas:  Leadership support, Staff Capacity and good Mechanisms and tools for project management.  Organizations with high proficiency in these areas see better run projects, less financial waste, and improved results.

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OUr methodology

Before you spend tens or hundreds of thousands on consultants or systems, find out where your organization is doing well and where improvements are needed.  Our proprietary tool starts with a simple survey to staff with each question is carefully crafted to gain deep insights on how your organization measures up.


Advanced Analytics

The results of our survey are put into our analytical software to gain deep insights of the current state of your entire organization around project management.

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Custom assessment

Your organization is evaluated on the key factors.  Your skew will help you make sound decisions on where to devote resources for the most impactful interventions.

Other key insights our assessment provides:

1. Do I have the right tools, at the right time, for the right people?

2. Does leadership’s perception match the reality on the ground?

3. Where in my organization do I have the most experienced project managers?

4. What is the difference in capacity between my field and HQ?

5. Where in my project lifecycle do I need the most support?

6. And a lot more...

What you’ll get:

1. Your assessment on the Project Management Success Triangle © .

2. A comprehensive report on the results.

3. Key recommendations for improvement.

Know where to start

Our philosophy as a company is to help where it is needed the most, not sell you something you don’t need.  But many organization’s struggle to know exactly where to put internal resources for the highest impact.  MCD’s Project Management Success Triangle© is the place to start. Know where you are and make data-driven decisions on how to improve your organization.


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