MCD Launches new website, products, services

What’s new with MCD? New Services, new trainings and new and expanded products! 2016 was a very good year for the MCD Partnership’s mission to help the helpers in the world and increasing our capacity to meet the needs we were hearing from all of you.  We are very excited to share news about our expanded services, trainings, and products designed to help all of you.

Here are highlights of what to expect from MCD:

Services  - We are always adding to out capacities to better aid our clients needs.

  • Administer the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) assessment - MCD has added certification to their skill set to be able to administer MBTI® Step I and Step II assessments and the ability to work with teams or individuals on how to apply the insights gained from the MBTI® assessment to their team work and lives.
  • Facilitation –Whether a large conference, annual planning event or strategy development gathering, MCD can help make it a success.
  • Planning for Organizational Change Initiatives – employing the tenets of Barry Oshry, John Kotter and others to guide organizations from beginning steps and the struggles of making changes to the completion of your change initiative goal.

Training – We have three new courses, The Adaptive Project Manager, Managing Teams and Transitions, and Collaborative Learning and Knowledge Management in our Project Management series. All courses and workshops are designed to be interactive and directly applicable. We also work directly with you to build the course you want for your organization by mixing and matching modules from all of our courses.

  • The Adaptive Project Manager - This course employs real world examples to help teams understand “How People Think; How Good Teams Act and How Orgs Get Stuck and How to get Unstuck”.
  • Managing Teams and Transitions - This 2 Day workshop is for anyone who manages. The course topics have application across all operational units
  • Collaborative Learning and Knowledge Management -This 2 Day workshop takes the participant from Soup to Nuts in understanding the meaning, complexity and need for Learning and Knowledge Management for portfolio, programs and projects at your organization.

  • Comprehensive Project Management – this five day course provides a foundation for project management, tips and tools for adapting new learning and integrating into daily work practices

  •  Action Planning Workshop – is designed to be used; after a new training to help organizations adopt and adapt new learning, or for any instance where teams have gotten stuck on a challenge or when you want to reach a new goal and need a dedicated day to plan and move into action.
  • Internal Facilitation and Training Corps – You can build your own corps of facilitators and trainers with our “Train to Train and Sustain” model. Increase your organizations skills to facilitate, train and model for sustaining your own corps of trainers and facilitators.
  • E Learning – Several of our courses will soon as be available as E-Learning options. Look for our announcement in the coming months and contact if interested in E Learning options for any of our course offers.

Products – our new products were developed to be useful and adaptable for any organization.

  • Project Success Triangle – assessment tool for understanding your current work practices, identifying gaps and challenges to overcome in becoming a higher functioning project team.
  • Project Team Toolkit – a complete project toolkit filled with useful tools, templates and tips on how to use them is now available to you as a free download.
  • Customizable Project LifeCycle Manual – we have developed a customizable template model for building your organizations project manual based on your practices and processes.

Project management Software

  • ProgresSys  - MCD has collaborated to develop ProgresSys, a powerful IT solution for Project Management in the International Development Sector

All that we do is in service to helping you and your organization with the wonderful work you do and the challenges to getting things done. We would love to hear from you with your questions or suggestions for areas where you need the most help.

From all of us at MCD, we wish you a fabulous New Year!