Phase 2 Tools

The Setup Phase is an often overlooked part of project planning.  This phase creates much needed clarity around roles and responsibilities on the project and creates a decision making governance structure based on complexity.


Charter Template

 Regardless of the level of complexity, the charter provides the needed clarity for the success of your project.

The project charter is intended to be a collection and a repository for all project tools. It is the one central location for all documents pertaining to your project activity


Complexity assessment tool

Determining a project’s complexity is not an easy endeavor, but it is instrumental in guiding the project startup. Not all projects are the same in scope, budget size and complexity. 

Projects that are more complex require a more robust governance structure, greater degree of planning and a stronger articulation of role clarity.  Although determining complexity is subjective, MCD suggests the use of this assessment tool to guide your analysis and approach.


How to have a Raci conversation

Project teams are often both cross functional and cross organizational, making it more important than ever for everyone working together as a team to have clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities.



The RACI-D chart helps you create that clarity. RACI-D is valuable at all times; in meetings, set-up, and any time you are discussing activities that must be completed.