Phase 3 Tools

Proposals are created to sell the project to donors.  Though they contain some elements of planning, they are not adequate to manage the work required to deliver a project.  This phase encompasses the detail planning required to deliver both the direct and indirect work required by the project on time, on scope, and on budget.


WBS/GAntt Chart

Since the Work Breakdown Structure is the key input of Gantt Charts, they can be combined for greater efficiency despite being two separate planning steps.  WBS/Gantt Charts are more than just a horizontal bar graph showing dates.  They are dynamic management tools that allow project teams to not only plan the time frame of their projects' activities but also to manage changes, assign responsibilities, and ensure deliverables are met.


Network Diagram

Now that you have completed your WBS, it is time to put them in order of what needs to happen first, second, third, and so forth.  Use arrows to indicate dependencies between activities to show that needs to be completed before the next task can begin.  Next, add duration in working days to your tasks to give you a clear picture of the time that is required to complete each activity.  You can now use your network diagram to calculate your critical path - the minimum amount of time required to complete your project. 


activity Based budget tool

Activity Based Budgets help you plan and monitor your expenditures based on the activities.  This allows PM's to compare task completion (i.e. work accomplished) with total spent.  These factors, combined with your schedule, allow PM's to conduct and Earned Value Analyses that describe performance based on Time, Scope, AND Budget


STakeholder / Communications Plan

Planning your stakeholder engagement allows you to consider and plan for questions like "What is this person's potential influence?" "What is this person's interest in the details of my project?" and "What do I hope this person does (or does not do) in the course of my project?"

Having a Stakeholder communications plan allows you to plan what to communicate to which people, and to have a schedule for those messages so nothing is forgotten. (Be sure to check out both tabs in the spreadsheet)


Risk Register / ISsue log

Risk management is critical for project success and is a part of project management throughout the entire lifecycle.

The risk log is where you identify, assess, and plan for risks and how you will control/manage them throughout your project. Many risks also turn into issues.  See the additional tab where teams can log issues as they arise on their projects and relate them to the associated risk. (Be sure to check out both tabs of the spreadsheet).

MS Project Template

MS Project Template

MS Project Plan

This a template that can be used to plan and manage your project using MS Project software from the early stages of your project to closeout.

It is designed to incorporate your tasks with your risk register, RACI, Resources, Issues, and Risks in addition to the foundational MS Project functionality. You can access those additional features under View-> Tables.