Phase 4 Tools

Because project planning and implementation are iterative cycles, many of the same tools will be used to manage, and thus need to be updated, during the implementation phase.  However, during implementation, every project will need to manage issues and people effectively.


RACI Matrix

Clarifying roles and responsibilities is the easiest way to promote healthy team dynamics and efficiency.  Separating those who will complete the task (responsible), who will make sure it is complete (accountable), who are engaged for feedback (consulted), and who are informed about a task (informed), will clarify much confusion around task management.

MCD has added a Decision column to express who has the authority to change a task.


STakeholder / Communications Plan

Planning your stakeholder engagement allows you to consider and plan for questions like "What is this person's potential influence?" "What is this person's interest in the details of my project?" and "What do I hope this person does (or does not do) in the course of my project?"

Having a Stakeholder communications plan allows you to plan what to communicate to which people, and to have a schedule for those messages so nothing is forgotten. (Be sure to check out both tabs in the spreadsheet)


Risk Register and Issue Log

Because project teams must always be monitoring risks and managing issues, the Risk Register and Issue Log are relevant tools to implementation. Many risks also turn into issues.  See the additional tab where teams can log issues as they arise on their projects and relate them to the associated risk.  (Be sure to check out both tabs of the spreadsheet)