Phase 5 Tools

From the very beginning to after your project, project teams need to plan on how they will monitor, plan, and evaluate their projects.  If you are not tracking your project, you are not managing it.


Indicator Tracking Sheet

Throughout the project, your indicators need to be tracked.  Most often, an indicator tracking table (ITT) is used track targets and actuals achieved in your project.  This is most useful for tracking monitoring indicators (as evaluation indicators are derived from formal evaluations).  More so, each organization and team must adapt an ITT to meet the needs of their projects.  ITT’s should also support reporting to donor or other programmatic frameworks.


Monitoring and Learning plan

Generally a monitoring plan will outline and schedule; what you will measure, how and when it will occur, and who is responsible for collecting the data to be used in determining your project's progress. By expanding your monitoring plan to include learning questions, you can elevate your understanding of the project successes, or failures not just for one project, but also as it might apply to other projects and programs.

Having a Monitoring and Learning plan provides another dimension to your decision making and is an excellent way to collaborate with key stakeholders by inviting them into the collection and review process


Evaluation TOR Template

It is critical to set expectations and parameters for good evaluations.  Many donors require that an external evaluator be used to ensure higher levels of objectivity.  So, project managers will need to facilitate the hiring, activities, and reports for professional evaluators.  Get started with this terms of reference template from Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance (ALNAP).



Learning Assessment

We monitor and evaluate our projects in order to learn.  Learning is a continuous process that needs to occur before, during, and after a project.  Teams need to examine how and where this learning will take place.  If we don't plan to learn, it will never happen.