Phase 6 Tools

Proper planning for the closeout or transition or closeout of your project is critical to capturing learning and sustaining the progress gained from your project.  Teams need to plan for the proper transition activities for their project as well as reflect and record what worked (and what didn't) for future improvement.


Handover Meeting

Planning for project transition from your organizations support began in Phase 1 as a key element of the project design. Even after your organization plans to end all its direct support all projects hope the outcomes acheived and the positive affects gained will remain.  Planning for a proper transition is critical to long term sustainability.

here are some key guides and templates to support that process.


Final Evaluation Terms of Reference

Evaluation can help us learn lessons that can be applied to future projects and help us answer key questions that may have broader application and potential benefit for ourselves and other organizations.  Often, an external evaluator will be required to conduct an evaluation but it is the project managers job to manage the work through clear terms of reference and oversight.


After Action Review/ Learning Review

Final evaluations are critical (and often required) to document how and to what extent your project achieved its outcomes. However, there is much learning that can be captured about process, decisions, working relationships etc. that can improve the way organizations function in future initiatives. 


Project Transition Checklist 

Teams have great responsibility to properly close down a project.  Ensuring the proper closeout of financials and contracts will ensure the organization avoids unnecessary payments and liabilities.  Staff must be systematically transitioned out of the project under proper hiring policies and their knowledge retained.  A simple checklist with a timeline can assist with this process.