Adaptive Project Management and Governance


Adaptive Project Management and Governance



Whether managing people or managing projects, there will always be the constant element of change and the unexpected. This course provides manager's with methods to quickly adapt to change and transitions. The course offers insights, tools, templates and practical application exercises to improve your "adaptive" skills and help you guide your team and your project to success!

1)    Project Management Core Competency:  Self-Assessment

a.    Your current strengths and growth areas

2)    Current trends in adaptive management

a.    Traditional

b.    Agile

c.     Process – Based

3)    The Collaborative Mindset of an adaptive manager

a.    Leading with collaboration

4)    Adaptive Management and Governance in the NGO Sector

a.    Governance management framework and authority clarity

b.    Role clarity and tolerance Levels

5)    Levels of Adaptive Portfolio and Program Management

a.     Systems and tools for portfolio, program and projects

b.     Using data to support decisions on all levels

6)    Responding to project complexities with adaptive managing

a.    Adapting management style with teams and stakeholders

b.    Working within the matrix structure

7)    Decision making in complex environments

a.    What to do, when you don't know what to do

b.    Decision and authority clarity

8)    Other items for the Adaptive Managers Tool Box

a.    Adaptive planning

b.    Capitalizing on trends and emergent learning

c.     Best practices from the field

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Who should Attend?

All staff, across operations, working on any element of projects and programs. You can also consider expanding the group to include neighboring organizations, their stakeholders and partners

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*Hosted at your location for up to 75 participants from your organization

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