Collaborative Learning and Knowledge Management for Teams


Collaborative Learning and Knowledge Management for Teams


Collaborative Learning and Knowledge Management

This 2 Day training offers participants an understanding of the complexity and challenges to collaborative learning and knowledge management for teams. We will explore team learning and creating the collaborative mindset with your team. Next we look at approaches teams can take to contribute to the knowledge management efforts of the organization and building a culture that supports sharing successes and failures for everyone's benefit.   This is a participatory workshop filled with opportunities to apply new skills and consider their application and integration into your current practices and value added for your organization.   

Course agenda:

  • Introduction to the collaborative mindset as an individual learner
  • The importance of your role as a knowledge worker on a team and in your organization
  • How teams can become more collaborative in learning and sharing
  • Uncovering where Learning and knowledge sharing is already happening well
  • Creating a team culture of collaborative mindsets that supports sharing successes and as well as failures for everyone's learning
  • Integrating best practices of collaborative learning and knowledge sharing into project and team practices
  • Using multiple level learning agendas (Portfolio, Program and Project) to facilitate team knowledge and data gathering
  • Integrating Learning and knowledge management communication practices to support organic and opportunistic learning.

Who should attend?

All staff, across operations, working on any element of projects and programs, especially those with an interest and responsibility in learning, knowledge and strategy. 

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